Psychic Encounter

A few years ago if you asked me if I believed in psychics I would have told you no. Being raised in a Christian home, that was not part of my vocabulary.  I mean sure I use to watch Sylvia Brown on the Montel Williams show. I actually use to think she was a crazy old bat looking for attention.  You mean you want me to believe that there is someone who can actually see my past present and future? Really?

Come on get real. Those were my thoughts.  That was until I had my first and only encounter with a psychic.   This was NOT someone I paid to give me a reading; I didn’t go to any psychic party, or visit a fair fortune-teller. This was a complete stranger at a soup kitchen in Piqua.

Three years ago I was working as a personal assistant taking care of clients with MRDD. It was my job to make sure they made appointments, had food, clean clothes and their basic needs met.  At the time I was helping a young couple who were both MRDD, and she was expecting her first. So our biggest day was Wednesdays, when she had doctor appointments, and since she was in her last 4 weeks that happened every week. So on this particular Wednesday she, the boyfriend and I trek out in the cold for her weekly doctor, shopping spree, which was usually followed by eating out some place, their favorite being La Fiesta. However this day they decided that they would rather try a soup kitchen, since it was free. Being that they did not have a lot of money I thought it was a great idea. So we went to the Bethany Center, a soup kitchen in Piqua. I was actually really excited about going because the Bethany Center was in my old elementary school and I hadn’t been inside since 1989! I wanted to see what it looked like now.

Of course it hadn’t changed much, actually looked just the same! This was our first time there, so we weren’t really sure how things ran. The workers were friendly and kind. They open the meal with prayer, and the workers serve you. I of course refused a plate I can provide my own food, and I do not want to take from the mouth of someone who may not be able to. Anyway to cut to the chase and not drag this out, I notice a man watching us. He kept staring at us, and watching us. He was a worker and when we first got there was in the kitchen, he didn’t come out until it was time to serve the plates. I had never seen him before, and he did not look familiar to me at all.  He just kept looking. I tried to ignore his staring, and tried to make small chit-chat with my clients. However when all the plates were handed out he made a bee line to our table and sat down.  He sat across from me but didn’t talk for a good  five minutes. Then out of the blue said “You have a gift.. a musical gift, a voice.. you need to use that gift”  This of course kind of took me back. I didn’t expect him to say that.  I love to sing, always have. I’ve had my family tell me I need to use my voice, it’s a gift. I had never had a complete stranger whose never heard me sing say this to me.  However he didn’t stop there he continued. He went on, and this is what he said:

  • You have a spirit guide, she’s standing beside you, and she looks a lot like you curly dark, hair, and blue eyes. She is young. She is connected to you, I’m seeing your mothers mother, your grandma. You never knew her she died when she was young late 20’s early 30’s from breathing problems, and your mother was a child. You are her name sake, and have a deep connection with her, even though you’ve never met. She protects you and guides you, and is with you always!”

I can just imagine the look on my face when he told me this. I was probably as white as a ghost.  My grandma Smith (mom’s mom) name is Kathryn, she was 30 years old when she died of an asthma attack, and my mom was 12 at the time.  So I never knew her. She did indeed have dark curly hair, and I do look a lot like her.

  • “You also have a little boy present with you  he is not a spirit guide, but he has a strong deep connection with you. He has  red hair and blue eyes. Being that he is not a spirit guide, but has a strong connection to you, I’m going to say that he will be your first born child”

This is cute! I would love a red-headed baby! Of course I have no children as of yet. However whenever I have dreams of having babies, he’s always red haired and blue eyed.

  • “You are or you are going to be a nurse, it’s something you have wanted to do for some time now, it’s been a dream of yours since you were little. You like taking care of people, it’s your passion, it’s what makes you happy. You have a giving, compassionate heart and soul. You’re a kind a spirit however the path will be long with lots of turns and bumps. Do not get discouraged. Something’s are not always as they appear you will gain your bachelors”

Two days before I had learned that I was accepted into LPN at Miami Jacobs, I of course never finished my classes at Miami Jacobs because of issues Miami Jacobs was and are still having. I thought it would be better for me to pursue nursing from a different school, because of all the issues surround MJCC . I start school again in Jan. working toward my RN degree, a degree that is transferable with other colleges and universities.

  • “You have a strong connection with Ireland and you have lots of Irish heritage. You will visit Ireland someday.”

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Ireland! I have since I was a kid!

Then he told me of somethings that will happen to/for me in the future. He said in the years to come.

  • “You worry a lot about falling in love, and getting married. You are going to get married, and have two possible prospects. One you know well, he is a friend, someone you have known for a long time. You may have some problems.  The problem is not you, it’s him. He has growing, and issues to overcome in his life first. However if he takes his time and does not make the changes he desires do not wait around for him,, there is someone else, and you’ll be just as equally happy with him, however your friend will not be so lucky. He will be the one missing out not you. You will remian friends though some bonds never break. You will find happiness, love, passion, and be truly happy no matter who you end up with and regardless of which one you end up with he will love your child as much as the children  you have with him, and depending which guy you end up with his own”

This one REALLY through me for a loop!  I feel like he told me that there are two guys for me, but one may not choose me and in a way I feel that he saying the second guy I have to choose. I guess I’ll have a child before I marry?

  • “You’re going to move to Columbus, and work in a clinic for the homeless. That’s where my heart lies!”
  • “You’re have the ability to see angels, and lights. I just haven’t learned how to do it yet”
  • “You’re an empath I take on the feelings of others, and I often know what others are feeling before they do”

Our conversation pretty much ended there. It was like he was done saying what needed to say. He left me speechless, and like I mentioned before probably white as a ghost.  I had never nor have I ever experienced anything like this before, or since the encounter with this man.

Now some may say it was the devil, especially those raised in Christians home. All I know is that this man who I’ve never met before told me things about my life that was true, and he was right! He didn’t play the guessing game like Sylvia Brown often did, he told me straight out with lots of confidence. So believe what you may. Also I do remember this encounter greatly, I also keep a journal, which is why I am able to recall my conversation with him. Of course I’ll write it down! I want to know if any of these things come true!


3 thoughts on “Psychic Encounter

  1. OMG that is soooo amazing! YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE A CONNECTION TO IRELAND!!! HELLO Im your BF!! haha! We need to go to IReland together! You know how much fun that would be! I have always wanted a red head baby girl!! My friend is convinced my daughter will have red hair and green eyes. I think she will have dark almost black hair and green eyes! But we will see she could be a red head who knows! He did hit it on the head with who you are! I have always know you are an empath! Just something I have always felt its why its easy to hurt you! I read the guy thing and I am sorry but the first thing I thought of was Mike. He would be the one missing out! haha! You are probably gonna kill me for saying that but thats the thought that came across my mind! LOL! I would love for someone to do this for me! I would love for a stranger to do it the way it happened to you! I would love to know that Matt is truely with me and be able to communicate with him. But not with a phony psysic! WHich there are soo many! Well anyways! i love ya! Talk to you soon! That was neat to read thanks for sharing! -Love-Ireland

    1. Yeah I know I never would have imagined to meet a psychic at a soup kitchen for free! IT would be awesome to go to Ireland with you.. and now that the Chinese and Japanese are starting to bring their food customs to Ireland I would be able to eat too!! (I could never do the meat and potato thing..haha)

      Eh..Mike.. I love Mike he’s a great friend.. but I can’t even imagine myself with him like that! I know him all too well.. and he’s NOT the one for me, nor do I want him to be! I will still say it’s his loss though..hahaha <— kidding! However I've always been attracted to red heads.. maybe I'll have a hot Irish man who recently moved to the states come into my life and befriend me.. fall in love with me.. marry me and we can have bunches of red headed babies..and visit Ireland for holidays! Wouldn't that be awesome!

      I do feel really blessed though that I had the encounter! I know not many people have had this happen to them!

  2. nice story katie 🙂 i met a psychic through a friend and it kinda freaked me out too. all she asked me was birthday and then i just sat there astonished while she told me stuff she couldnt possibly know. she made mention of things specifically happening in my life and then she told me my future. she said that i would meet a man through a friend that had always been around but i wasnt aware of it and that his name sounded like kevin but it wasnt kevin, that we would get married and i would have one child a girl who will play the piano if i let her and that i was only meant to have a child with this person. Among many other things that is exactly what happened, i met dustin when she told me i would and his name is dustin and his brothers name is nevin which i thought was odd, i found out later that dustin has been friends with several of my friends in the past but we never met. we got married had a baby exactly a year after marriage like she said and it was not only a mirical that we had her but now i cant have anymore. as far as the piano thing we’ll see, jenna is very musical, i actually had musical dreams when i was pregnant with her almost every night lol. i really hope the other stuff she said is true!

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