Day 10

Something that gets on your nerves

This both gets on my nerves, and saddens me. The lack of self-respect that girls, and women have for themself. The constant need to feel as though we have to impress others by showing our bodies, or having sex (which also includes oral) to be accepted, or liked by someone, especially by boys/men. We are taught to use our bodies at a very young age. And it’s what’s on the outside, or what you can “give” someone rather than who we are, and our hearts. However girls guys are not going to accept us, or respect us, if we don’t respect and love ourselves firsts! There is so much more to us then just our bodies. This is an issue I see in young girl who are 13 and 14, young adults in their early 20’s and even women in their 30’s. Lack of respect for themself!  And remember that a REAL man, who truly is worth getting to know will respect you.


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