Quitting Facebook.

So I came to a realization today. Facebook, has too much control of my life. Social media has too much control over my life. And it’s really really sad. Really, it seems to cause me more problems, than good. It really really does.

  1. I spend way too much time on it! I do not use Twitter, or any other site like that. Just Facebook. I mean how sad is it that I am sitting for hours at a time just watching some page, refreshing it every so often to see it update, and read what everyone is up to, complaining about, posting. Seriously? WHY?? Why am I doing this?  Think of all the other things I could be doing? I could be spending time with God, reading a book, going back to school, talking on the phone, eating lunch, dinner, or meeting a friend for coffee.. I could connect with people in REAL LIFE.  I could be learning a craft, playing on my Cricket, walking, or taking pictures.
  2. It has destroyed one of my relationships. This is when I really decided to call it quits. I lost a friend due to me overreacting to one of his posts..which was about me, and not in a bad way. It’s hard to explain. But I lost him. He is someone I NEVER wanted to lose. I seen a future with him. But because I allowed something stupid on Facebook get the best of me. I lost him forever.
  3. It makes me angry. I spend a lot of time reading peoples posts and getting really really upset, and mad! Mostly political posts.
  4. It opens the door for temptation, is sometimes filled with things I wish I wouldn’t ever look at.
  5. I put my life out there too much. I was way too open for my own good. There are somethings that need to remain private. I seem
  6. I used it to hurt people, or be passive aggressive. It was so much easier to hide behind a computer screen, and yell what I’m thinking, than actually going to someone and saying..hey this is bothering me. Or hey this is how I feel.
  7. It consumed my mind! And that’s just dangerous on so many levels.

I could really go on and on with reasons why Facebook just was not good for me. I think in little bouts it would be good. If I could restrain myself to checking it once a day, and not allowing my life to literally revolve around it, I would be OK. If it could be a little itty bitty speck in my life, then I could handle it. But I realized, after losing a great and wonderful man, that I could not do that. And if I didn’t make a change, I was going to allow Facebook to destroy my life. I already allowed it to take one person. I did not want to lose anyone else!

What is sad, though, is it’s to the point that this is the ONLY way people believe they can keep in contact with someone. Without Facebook how do you ever keep in contact with others? This is something I worried about too. But there are phones, heck there is paper and pens you can write someone! I’m sure people would enjoy getting an actual letter in the mail, than bills! It’s not like I was really keeping up with people on Facebook anyway. We wasn’t hanging out, or doing things with each other. No, we was sitting behind our computers and spying on each other! Which is kind of sick if you ask me.

So I have decided to quit Facebook, I do not know how long I’ll be away? I’m hoping longer than a day, or two. I’m hoping it’s months, or years! I want to get back to real life, with real people, and connections.



















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