20 Things I love about Work..

I was challenged to name 20 reasons I love work.. 20 really? Do you know where I work? I do not think I know of anyone (in their right mind) who’ll ever say they love working at Walmart. I’m sure everyone is thankful they have a job, but if given the chance, would like to work some place else! Well maybe not fast food. lol. So here are my 20 reasons I like my job.. are you ready?

  1. Kristin
  2. Regina
  3. Jenna
  4. Laura – and when she always forgets to take off the yellow vest after she covers a break at Uscan.
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Marcia
  7. Glenna
  8. Sheryl
  9. Deb P
  10. Jim
  11. Kelsey
  12. Jackie from the Deli
  13. Jackie from the bakery
  14. Jaquie with a Q
  15. Pam
  16. Amanda from the bakery
  17. Jake
  18. Ms. Nancy
  19. Angie
  20. Christy, Penny, Teresa, Traci, Sheryl, Sheryl in soft lines, Carol, Brandy, Amanda ,Katrina, Nadia, Ashleigh, Ashley, Kim, Cathy, Karen..

No said I couldn’t name all people, and that I did. Because in all honesty, if the people who work at Walmart wasn’t so nice. I’d really really not working there! They make it!











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