To All My Single Friends

To all my single friends out there, whose spent all day sad, and upset. I don’t know, maybe you even cried? Cheer up pop tart you’re going to be OK! And I”m going to tell you why.

  1.  You’re alive! You’re healthy! Seriously,  you woke up today. You are breathing and the only heart that really matters.. is beating! That alone is a gift you get every single day!  You was able to stretch, and take a deep breath! Thank God. Right?
  2. You have family and friends that love you. Seriously, you have people who care and love you! It may not be a romantic love, but it’s a love that is just as important. Look around you! See those people cheering you on? Those people there for you? Yeah them. Be thankful for them. You are NOT alone!
  3. Being single = no gifts. But do you know what sucks even more? Being in a relationship and not getting gifts, flowers, or told you’re loved. Now that would suck! Sometimes being single isn’t so bad. Sometimes being in a crappy relationship is worse! Would you rather be single, or with someone who treats you bad? Do you know how many women came through my line and was buying themselves gifts because their boyfriends or husband wouldn’t? A lot!
  4. You saved yourself a lot of money, because just like you didn’t get gifts. You didn’t have to give gifts either! And believe me, I seen some men come through today who spent a pretty penny on flowers, cards, candy, outfits, balloons, food, and wine! Guy’s if you’re single, count your blessings! You probably just saved yourself a good 50 dollars or more!
  5. Think of your waist line! You will not have to worry about gaining weight from all the candy, and fancy food you may have absorbed. Guys, once again count your blessings. You didn’t have to take anyone on a fancy dinner, and spend money you probably do not have.
  6. You did not have to get off work, and get dressed up. You got to throw on your pj’s, throw your hair up, lay on the couch and watch a movie YOU want to watch. With ice cream that you do not have to share!
  7. You’ll still be single tomorrow!! So do not waste all your tears on today! You’ll need them tomorrow, the next day, the day after that. Christmas, your birthday.. you know. Being single on this day, is no different than being single any other day. It still sucks at times.
  8. You do not have to worry about getting pregnant tonight, or getting someone pregnant! Yeah, no worries there. In nine months, you’ll still be baby free!

See there are always an upside to things! Don’t just focus on the negative! Focus on the positive!















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