Above The Noise..

Sometimes life gets too noisy. It’s hard to really center myself when there is so much going on around me. Its hard to get centered with God. To listen to Him, to hear Him. I become confused. Was that God? Was that me? Was it anything at all? Listening to that still small voice.. the one I barely hear.. is just hard. I struggle. I struggle to turn off all the noise, and I find it so hard to concentrate. So hard to rise above everything that’s going on in my life.

I’ve realized, for this to happen. To find that place where I can hear God, to hear his instructions. I have to pull away, I have to go a quiet place .I have to center myself, and to do that..I have to turn off the noise. I have to stop allowing the things of the world to bring me down! This means separating myself. Separating myself from the things that make it hard for me to hear above the noise. If it’s Facebook, friends, family, TV, radio. Sometimes for God to take us tot he next level in our lives, it requires us to pull away, and sacrifice things, things we love to do so!

I’m ready to do this! I’m ready to move to the next level, I want God to do His will in my life, and if that means I have to make some changes, I’ll do that! I’ll do that for him.

Facebook causes a great deal of noise for me! It’s a distraction. It keeps my mind focused on things, that I shouldn’t. It keeps me angry, and bitter. It shouldn’t have that much effect on me. But it does. It’s almost like, if I don’t have Facebook. I do not have a life. I do not know what’s going on, I can’t keep my eye on people, see how they are! etc. Facebook isn’t bad, it’s actually a really great idea, and way for people who live busy lives to keep in contact, and grounded with what is going on. But man the devil is using this site as an almighty tool for some. It’s keeping people in a bondage, it’s destroying relationships, it’s turning some people into fairy tale writers!  It has a strong hold on so many peoples lives, and there is so much drama. Unnecessary drama, I refuse to be part of.

I said I was leaving a couple of weeks ago. But didn’t really leave. I wasn’t on it as much, I took that app off my phone, but still could get on it from my computer. This time. I’m really leaving, for a little while at a least! There is no way I can get on it, for at least a month and half.

It’s time for me to rise above the noise! It’s time for me to get centered. And I’m hoping this last distraction, will help!


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