Sometimes It Takes Letting Go..

Letting go is never easy.

Walk away is never easy.

But sometimes, that’s what it takes. For you, and for them.

I’m ready to let go, I’m ready to walk away, and even though it’s going to be hard, I know I have to do this. For me, and for him.  I wanted to this work out so bad, but I have to follow God, I have to follow what I believe he is leading me to do. I’ve found myself saying “if they do not lead you to God, but away from God, you should steer clear”. I’m trying to lead him to God, I am trying to be a good example, but I think worldly influences have more of a pull, than I do. He keeps pushing me away. So I’m going to walk away, he doesn’t want me around anyway, and this will just discourage me, and effect me. So I’m going to do what I should have done along time ago.. give him to God, and leave him there. I’m mean.. it’s God, He can do things I never could, he is better off in God’s hands anyway!

So I’m letting go, and walking away! I’m freeing him from me.

This isn’t going to be easy, it’s going to be hard. Like I said. I had my heart set on him being the one, so I’m also mending a broken heart. But I know this is what has to happen. I want to grow closer to God, I want to rely on God, and His will.. not my  own. I went on my own, I got hurt. Now I’m ready to go with God. This means.. no contact. No texting, nothing. I’m sure he won’t miss me anyway. He’s not really replying to my texts anyway. No more inviting him to church, no more hoping and praying to see him. Just let him go already! So if you’reading this. Pray for me..I’m going to need it.

Do you have any experiences with situations like this? How did you handle it?













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