One Mans Trash..

Here recently, I have experienced a pain like none other. My heart broken. I was left feeling as though I was nothing more than tossed out trash. No good for nothing, waste, that could just be tossed out and forgotten. An empty pop can on the side of the road, for someone to kick, a rotten banana peel, for some wild animal to eat. Worthless. I felt as though I was nothing! It hurt. I could not understand.. wasn’t I something of value?

Then something came to my mind.. a saying.. “One Man’s Trash is another’s man treasure”.. and  it got me thinking. This guy, who I was totally head over heels for. Who I thought was far from trash, who I cherished, and would have done anything for, if he couldn’t see the beauty in me. The worth, the gift he had right in front of him. That didn’t mean someone else couldn’t or wouldn’t! That someone else wouldn’t appreciate what I had to offer, what I had to give, and accepted me.. as a gift. The gift that I truly am.

I may not perfect, and just like everyone else, I come with issues from my past. Past hurts.. etc. I am not perfect. I’m going to do things that drive people crazy.But that doesn’t mean you just throw me out, toss to the side. You stick beside. You show me you care. You show me you’re in for the long run. Wouldn’t you want someone to do that for you? Stick beside you even though.. you’re flawed?  To look at you and say “I know you have problems, I know you have issues you need to work through, I’m OK with that. I’m here for you. I can count on you”.  Not throw me out, the first time my insecurities come through.

I may not be a super model, with a fit hot body, and perfect face and my makeup on fleek! Half the time, I do not even wear makeup. But I am beautiful. I have rolls, and red toned skin, dry curly hair, and a butt chin.. aka.. chin dimple. But to someone else.. I may just be the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen. He might look at me, like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Think he found a diamond in the rough, a priceless jewel.

I may not be the most fun person to hang out with. I do not drink, party, or go to bars. I’m a home body who would rather stay in and watch movies, talk and laugh, then go around in a big crowd. I like taking walks, and going to movies, having picnics, cook outs, bomb fires, and fishing.  But to someone else.. that might just what he looking for. Good clean, sober fun!

I have to remember that just because one person cannot see what an amazing, beautiful woman I am. Doesn’t mean.. someone else can’t, or won’t. It’s hard to remember this, when you’re heart is breaking, when you keep thinking to yourself something has to be wrong with me. But maybe it’s not me. Maybe it’s him. Maybe I’m not trash, maybe he has a seeing problem. Maybe he can’t see what he had right in front him, and while he’s thinking he’s kicking aside just some worthless piece of trash. He is really giving away the greatest gift that’s ever come into his life.

Cause chances are. He’s never going to find another Katie…

and sometimes.. you’re only given one chance to accept a gift, before it’s given to someone else.

















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