Think Before Post


I am pretty sure we have all had moments where we regret saying something. We do not think before we speak and before we know it words fly out of our mouths, we cannot take back. I know I have. I’m so guilty. I am so ill tempered, not thinking before I speak, is something I am so guilty of. Something else I am guilt of. Sending something through text, before thinking it through. Or when I was on Facebook, posting something before thinking. And then automatically regretting it. In today’s time, with Facebook, and Twitter, it’s really important. We think before we Post.

I mean our President, great ol’ Trump is a perfect example of someone who does not think before he posts.

Just like when we talk, what we post can have an effect on others. It can cause some kind of emotional reaction. Happiness, joy, hurt, anger, worry, bitterness. Remember, people cannot read your mind. They  do not have your voice, or body language to read or go by, they are basically left to their own interpretation. How they perceive the message can and will mostly likely be different from what you really meant, especially if you’re just joking! If you’re joking. Say it! And don’t post something YOU DO NOT MEAN, unless you quickly explain yourself. You honestly can’t get upset at someone for misreading your posts. What you should be doing is thinking before you post! No post is worth losing a relationship over, especially one that was meant for a joke!




























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