Life with a Boxer..







If you do not have one, I highly recommend you go out and get yourself a boxer right now! RIGHT NOW! Do not wait, do not hesitate, just go do it.. because they are the best dogs ever! Well at least mine is!

Cooper is his name.. and here he is.


He’s a beauty isn’t he? Wait. here is another one!


He is my favorite model! And he has a personality all of his own. He’s funny, he makes goofy faces, he hogs the bed, and he has no sense of personal space. He’ll seriously climb on top of me, and just make himself at home, in my lap. And may I mind you, he’s as long as I am! If you’re eating, he’ll sit and stare at me, with slobber dripping from his jowls. He loves to go on walks, run, but hates water. Which kind of stinks. I would love it if he loved to swim. But he doesn’t. Balls he chases, but laser lights he don’t. He licks a lot, and odd strange things like the couch. He is sweet, kind and loving. He’s a jumper, but all boxers all! He looks tough, and like he’d be mean. But he’s far from it!

He’s my Cooper!



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