I hate waiting. I really really hate waiting. I’m not patient at all. But I’m trying to work on it. Waiting. I know God has perfect timing, and He’s always on time. ALWAYS! During the waiting season, we really need to seek Him, because He’s usually preparing, teaching, guiding us so when He delivers, we’ll be ready. I understand this completely. And I have pretty much completely giving myself to Him in the area’s of my job, love life, and life. But there is one area I’m really struggling with. One area I’m so anxious to receive. One area I dream about, about every single night.

My ancestry DNA results!!


This is something I have wanted to do for a few years, but never did up until this year. I think every year for the past five years I’ve said I was going to use my Christmas money to buy it. This year I actually I did. I probably should have waited a few weeks, but I know me, and I would have never saved my money. I would have spent it. Which is what I’ve done every year before this year! But this year, I did it. I sent it in on Jan. 1! JAN 1!!! It took them a month to let me know they got my tests, and another month for them to start processing, which they’ve only been doing for a week. And it’s KILLING ME!

I want them now! I do not want to wait any longer! hahaha..

Seriously, I do. Funny how I’m learning to wait in other’s area’s of my life. Like my job. I’m currently suffering from a major case of burn out. I do not want to go, I dread it. Do not get me wrong I’m thankful I have a job, I’m thankful God is providing. I’m burned out though. When I am there I’m counting down the hours till I get to leave, and I spend a lot of time thinking “is this really my calling in life” and “is this really what I’m suppose to be doing?”.

And I’m pretty content being single. I do not know what the future holds for my love life. What God has in store for me. But I’m FINALLY able to say, God I’m waiting You. You know best, You know what I need, and I want YOUR will be to done. Not my own. And in my waiting season I’m enjoying this time growing in Him, growing closer to Him. It’s been amazing! I’ve grown so close to Him..

but I am NOT doing good when it comes to waiting on these DNA results to come back!!

I’m sure God’s not too worried about my DNA results, nor is it a huge priority on His list of things to worry about. I mean with war, abortions, and sin in general, I’m sure my DNA results are NOT on His list of worries. lol.































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