I’m Amazed!

I forgot to take a book to work today. I always take a book, so I have something to read during my breaks, and lunch. But today, I didn’t have one. I also do not have anything fun my phone like Facebook. So today at lunch I was left with me, myself, and I, and my own thinking! Sometimes that can be scary. I have a habit of overthinking when left on my own. But today, I thought about my life. About the people in my life, and it’s just amazing!

Amazing how each and every person I know, was put into my life by God. He planted them there, and I in their lives. NOTHING is an accident! Some people have been in my life for years, and some for only weeks .But each and every one of them.. are suppose to be there! Now that doesn’t mean they are all suppose to stay in my life, or will. But still God knew before I was born, each and every single person I would meet along my journey of life! Each one of them. How amazing is that?


Before you were formed in your mother, God knew everything about you. He knew everyone who would come into your life. He knew when, and how long they would be there.

I don’t know. I just find that really amazing!



































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